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TSB Advisory is a Canberra-based government relations and strategic advice consultancy. We assist companies and organisations to engage with the Australian Government.

TSB Advisory’s approach is to place its clients at the centre of the Government’s relationships.

TSB Advisory works with companies and organisations to help them represent themselves to Government.

Our experience is that Government prefers to engage directly with business rather than through intermediaries. TSB Advisory provides the strategy, insights, policy development expertise, and support for business to strengthen their government relations performance.

TSB Advisory Pty. Ltd. is registered with the Federal Government’s Register of Lobbyists and fully complies with the Lobbying Code of Conduct.

TSB Advisory assists with:

  • Bringing new ideas to the policy landscape
  • Pursuing opportunities of current and potential government decisions
  • Managing risk of public policy charges
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key Government stakeholders.

TSB Advisory services include:

  • Designing and implementing an effective and positive engagement program with the Australian Government
  • Understanding the drivers behind the decision making of Government, the opposition, and other political representatives
  • Providing strategic insights into Federal Government legislative and regulatory programs
  • Gaining insights into parliamentary processes, including committees and inquiries
  • Participating in, and influencing, public policy debates
  • Liaising with Government, the Opposition, and other Members of the Australian Parliament